Moto 360 smartwatch likely to charge via magnetic induction

Shortly after Google unveiled its revolutionary Android Wear platform for future wearables, Motorola, announced its entry into the smartwatch segment with its new Moto 360 smartwatch. Along with Moto, LG too unveiled its G smartwatch, however details about the device is still scarce.

While there are plenty of good looking smartwatches in the market, Moto 360 sports an entirely different look than these existing products. Motorola has made the smartwatch round, instead of a traditional square form factor, which brings a unique touch to the device.

The round face gives it a regular fashion watch look, which is actually a good thing.

However, apart from the fact that the device runs Google’s new Android Wear platform, the company did not reveal any information on its hardware. However, like smartphones, there have been several leaks on its hardware and one of the latest rumor suggest that the smartwatch will come with a magnetic induction wireless charging technology.

This news comes from the same source that revealed details about Moto X and Moto G and even mentioned plans about a Moto smartwatch. So, it’s quite likely that the leaked details are true. According to the source, the upcoming smartwatch from Moto will come with an OLED display and sapphire glass. This is actually not that surprising as the company had earlier hinted that many of the features of Moto X would make way into this new smartwatch.

OLED screens are not backlit which enables them to show things like Active Notifications which only require a few pixels to light up. This would help the device save up on battery life. Also, the smartwatch is expected to come with sapphire glass which will prevent any scratches on the screen.

The most interesting part of the leak was the presence of the magnetic induction wireless charging technology. In a recent hangout on Moto 360, the company did not reveal details as to how the device will charge. However, Moto did say that the smartwatch would have a secret method of charging which may mean that this rumor is true.

While these specs are still not confirmed, there are some things that the recent hangout with the company’s lead designer revealed about the smartwatch. For example, the smartwatch would be waterproof, will work with any Android phone, allows for left as well as right hand use and will be available this summer. However, the company did not give an exact date or a price for the device.

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