Most of HTC One M8 users are loyal HTC fans

Most of HTC One M8 users are loyal HTC fansHTC One M7 was probably the best selling handset from the Taiwanese company in a long time, however, it looks like the successor, HTC One M8 is going to be as popular as the original device.

According to a recent survey conducted by UK based Compare My Mobile, most of the HTC One M8 users have upgraded from older HTC models. Also, a small percentage of the customers have switched from rival manufacturers like Apple and Samsung.

Loyal HTC Fans

Compare My Mobile is an online website which aggregates the trade in of smartphones. According to the survey conducted by the website, over 24 percent of the users who made the switch to the new One M8 were previously using Apple iPhones. In comparison, around 21 percent of the switchers were using Samsung devices previously.

While these figures are not that surprising given that most of the customers today use either a Samsung or an Apple device, the survey results show a particular trend among those who made the trade in via the website.

According to the survey, over 46 percent of the users who bought the new One M8 switched from an HTC device. Among these, 13 percent were original HTC One users which clearly show that many of the users have become loyal to the brand.

“We found it pretty interesting to see that although HTC is clearly pulling some consumers away from other brands like Samsung and Apple, the majority of people upgrading are actually really loyal HTC fans,” said a representative from CompareMyMobile.

 The Bad News

While having a loyal fan following will be a good thing for the company in the long run, the survey also reveals that HTC has not been able to attract a lot of customers from other manufacturers. The same website earlier revealed that almost 38 percent of Samsung Galaxy S5 buyers switched from Apple iPhone. So, HTC still has a long way to go to attract users from rival manufacturers.

Also, the results of the survey may not reveal the actual switching patterns of users all around the world. The sample size of the survey is relatively small as compared to the total HTC One M8s sold worldwide. Hence, the results too may vary as the number of users taken into consideration increase.

HTC has not yet revealed the number of M8s sold around the world, so, fans will have to wait for a few more weeks to see how the new flagship performed in the market.

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