Monica Lewinsky Creates a Buzz by Joining Twitter

Monica Lewinsky Creates a Buzz by Joining TwitterDo you still remember Monica Lewinsky, an ex-intern at the White House who brought a scandal against former US president Bill Clinton during his presidency? Well, after so long, she strikes back and gains attention.

On Monday (October 20), the controversial 41-year-old woman joined Twitter. She created a buzz instantly with that action, as indicated by 8,000 Twitter users who  immediately followed her not long after.

Lewinsky created a Twitter trend through #HereWeGo, which was part of her very first tweet. Interestingly, her Twitter profile was also attracting attention. Lewinski branded  herself as a Vanity Fair magazine contributor and a ‘social activist.’

An inspirational speaker?

Lewinsky’s second tweet was as interesting as ever. She disclosed her excitement over a speaking engagement she is supposed to take for #Under30Summit. It was an event that will soon be held in Philadelphia, to be hosted by Forbes.

She would join Malata Yousafzai, a Nobel peace laureate, in the event. Apparently, Lewinsky’s new claim to fame is her new found advocacy to help those victims of  harassment and cyber-bullying.

Meanwhile, her Twitter account was verified by no less than the microblogging site. This means that it is really her behind the controversial Twitter handle.

Striking back

From out of nowhere, Lewinsky emerged earlier this year from a long hiatus. She said she decided to finally break her silence particularly about her controversial affair with former president Clinton. She talked about that controversy or scandal in a recent Vanity Fair issue.

On that magazine stint, she simply said that she decided to ‘burn the beret’ and at the same time ‘bury her blue dress.’ She added that she is now more determined to create a different ending to her talked about story to take back her narrative and then provide a purpose to her past.

News about her alleged affair with ex-president Clinton made headlines in 1998, especially when she claimed that she performed sexual acts with the latter in the Oval Office. That revelation led to the former president’s impeachment. Luckily for Mr. Clinton, he was acquitted by the US Senate.

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