Mogadishu Blast Kills 21 In Somalia

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Two car bombs killed 28 and injured 50 in Somali capital of Mogadishu on Wednesday. Terrorist group Al-Shabaab has claimed the responsibility of the attacks, which also killed four of their members. The blasts took place at the gates of Dayah Hotel, which is close to the country’s Parliament building. The terrorists stormed inside the popular hotel after the first blast and intense gun fire followed. The country’s security forces took control of the hotel only by the evening on the same day.

The first attack took place after the militants crashed a car bomb into the gates of Dayah hotel. Given its proximity to the government building, the hotel is often frequented by politicians and law makers. After the attack, the militants stormed into the hotel. The militants posed as the rescue team and knocked on rooms of the hotel guests. They urged them to come out only to kill them.

An article in Global News states that survivors of the Wednesday carnage reveal that many of them hid under the hotel beds. Some jumped out of the windows of the four-storey hotel. According to media reports, at least two clan elders died in the Mogadishu blasts. An article in Al Jazeera states that the second blast took place sometime later in the vicinity of Dayah hotel. Another car bomb exploded only after people, ambulances and media had arrived on the scene. As a result, seven journalists were amongst the 50 injured.

Mogadishu Blast Toll

The blasts killed people and destroyed property in area of the hotel. The area also has a shopping centre, which caught fire after the blasts. Reports indicate that bystanders helped by saving the goods from the fire. In addition, the blasts shattered windows and damaged parked cars. According to Yusuf Hassan, editor of Haqiqa Times, the blasts destroyed houses near by. He added that the lasts were a big tragedy as people lost property and their dear ones. However, an article in CNN quotes Ali Hajji, a head nurse from the Hayad hospital nearby. According to Hajji the death toll will probably increase.

This is not the first attacks carried out by Al-Shabaab in Somalia.The group carried out similarly deadly attack in June, which killed at least 15 people. Many believe that the group us attacking the country to pull down its government. They are against the western-backed government as they want to convert the country into a “fundamentalist Islamic state.” However, the group is losing its grip on the country on account of the African Union, which strives to maintain peace in the country.

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