Missing Chinese Student: Suspected Kidnapper Now In Court

Source: Wikimedia Commons

The suspected kidnapper of the missing Chinese student Yingying Zhang is now being tried in court. The suspect has divulged information that talks about the details of the kidnapping of this University of Illinois student. However, the missing student has yet to be found.

According to BBC, the suspect is Brent Christiansen, 28, a former graduate student of the University of Illinois’ physics department. The authorities were able to track him down by tracing the owners of the kidnapper’s car model, a Saturn Astra, in Illinois. The authorities noted that Christiansen’s car had its front passenger door thoroughly cleaned than its other doors. FBI special agent Anthony Manganaro speculates that the thoroughly cleaned door is an attempt to clear evidence from the car.

Additionally, Christiansen positively identified that he let an Asian woman in his car but let her go once she panicked after he made a wrong turn. However, the court was able to provide evidence that Christiansen did abduct the Chinese student. The student’s current location is still unknown and the FBI presumes that she could already be dead.

Lastly, Christiansen’s browsing records on his phone hint that he has been planning to abduct somebody. The suspect has apparently checked a forum named “Abduction 101” and checked its threads like “perfect abduction fantasy” and “planning a kidnapping.” Even though his records suggest of a wannabe kidnapper, we have to wait until the court judges if Christiansen is guilty or innocent of the case.

Yingying Zhang’s disappearance isn’t just a minor case as many Chinese citizens are worried for their children in the area. The University of Illinois is known to be a school with good security to send their kids in and this event has certainly caused concern. This event could not only affect the reputation of the school but could also end the trend of Chinese students in the University of Illinois.

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