A Miracle In El Salvador: Zero Homicides In 24 Hours

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El Salvador is one of the most deadly countries in the world, where the death toll never ceases. On Wednesday, the country reported a day without any homicides. And, that’s something to celebrate on this place when they usually record about 16 deaths every day. According to the Central American country’s National Civil Police commissioner Howard Cotto, January 11, 2017 was a homicide-free day for El Salvador in two years. The last one was on January 22, 2015.

Killings in El Salvador

On March 2015 marked the year when there was a rise in the killing rates at 104 per 100,000 residents. In 2016, the killing rates decreased by % 20. But still an average of 14.4 got killed the previous year, according to Yahoo News. El Salvador’s murder rate, which is 81.2 per 100,000 residents, still makes it one of the deadliest, most dangerous and bloodiest countries in the world.

The police did not give any information behind the peaceful January 11. But, the police surely knows the reason behind all the violence. They blame it on criminal gangs, who are locally called the maras, according to BBC. They operate across Central American and cause such brutality.

These criminal groups were historically traced back to Los Angeles in the 19870’s. They were children of Salvadoran migrants who escaped the civil war back in their country. The migrants found refuge in the United States.  Some of them returned to their homeland as soon as the civil war ended in 1992.  But, they went home taking on the gangster kind of life. These maras are also involved in drug trafficking, robbery and extortion. The most popular gangs in El Salvador are Mara Salvatrucha, or also known as MS-13. The Mara-18, is another gang that is currently active.  It is also known as the 18th Street Gang.

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