Minecraft XBLA passes 8 million downloads

MinecraftMinecraft has past another milestone on Xbox Live Arcade, with eight million downloads and purchases. Minecraft has gained lots of extra purchases ever since the release of the box disc version, with many families not trusting credit cards on gaming consoles.

This extra leap forward has propelled Minecraft into the top five most sold Xbox 360 games, with Halo 3 at 8.5 million, Call of Duty: Black Ops at 12.5 million and Kinect Adventures at an incredible 26 million, mostly because it came bundled with the Kinect.

Even though this has not surpassed the PC sales for Minecraft, currently at 12 million, we can see the XBLA version climbing every day. Minecraft is still number one in the UK charts and is doing well in the USA and other countries.

Mojang, the studio who originally developed Minecraft, are currently working on Scrolls and 0x10c, a new space game developed by Notch, the founder of Mojang and Minecraft. Part of their team still works primarily on Minecraft, fixing bugs and adding new features into the game.

The main part of the PC version of Minecraft is all the new levels and packs developed by the community. The free and open access on Minecraft allows anyone to build a server or pack and offer it out to anyone and makes Minecraft much more expansive.

Currently, the XBLA version of Minecraft does not allow custom servers or packs and limits the overall scope of Minecraft, as users have to stick to vanilla design from the original Mojang developers with help from 4J Studios.

We are starting to see more regular updates on Minecraft, porting features in from the PC version and adapting to the XBLA version with the controller setup. Even though the Minecraft on PC is much further along still, we are starting to see a catch up.

There is good reason for this, with 8 million players, Minecraft is able to keep its dominance on two platforms. The revenue generated from Minecraft is pretty slim though, with the XBLA version relying on skin packs for money.

Another big milestone in the bag for Minecraft, let’s see if they can get to 10 million on Xbox 360.

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