Microsoft’s Search Engine Bing Releases List of Most Searched Terms for 2013

Bing Releases List of Most Searched Terms 2013Microsoft Corp’s Bing has released its list of its most searched terms for this year. On an annual basis, the search engine comes out with a list of the terms that have been most searched by its online users throughout the year. The results are always interesting.

This year, women dominated the list of most searched people on the Website. The No. 1 spot was claimed by the new queen of pop, Beyonce. The R&B superstar has outpaced reality TV star Kim Kardashian, who dropped to the second spot in the list. Kardashian was well searched across the Internet during her controversial pregnancy and after she gave birth to her daughter North West, who is fathered by boyfriend Kanye West.

Popular people at Bing

Overall, the top five spots were filled by women. The third spot was occupied by Rihanna, who was talked about because of her reconciliation and eventual second broke up with Chris Brown. On the fourth and fifth spots were Taylor Swift and Madonna, respectively.

Meanwhile, Canadian star Justin Bieber took the No. 6 spot, dropping from No. 2 in the 2012 list. Rapper Nicki Minaj, who became controversial as a judge of American Idol (due to her on-screen feud with fellow judge Mariah Carey) was at the seventh place.

Amanda Bynes is at the eighth position in the annual list. At No. 9 was Miley Cyrus, the twerking star who has proven to be controversial this year. Lastly, US President Barack Obama came in at No. 10, completing the list of 10 most searched people at Bing this year.

Other popular searches at Bing

Bing also released a list of most searched electronic devices this year. Not surprisingly, Microsoft’s anticipated Xbox One topped it. The $499.99 gaming console drove the popularity of the key term ‘Xbox’ in Bing. It beat iPhone, which came in at the second place. At the No. 3 spot was Android. The list was completed by iPad, Windows Phone, Microsoft’s Surface, PlayStation, BlackBerry, Nintendo, and Kindle Fire.

The most popular social media platform as searched by Bing users was Facebook, for the second consecutive year. Pinterest and Twitter followed. Also in the list are LinkedIn, Instagram, Tumblr, Reddit, Vine, Vimeo and Google +. For technology apps, ‘Candy Crush’ was at the top spot followed by ‘Angry Birds’ and the new ‘Bad Piggies.’

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