Microsoft working on a fitness band instead of a smartwatch according to new reports

Microsoft working on a fitness band instead of a smartwatch according to new reportsWhile many of the popular manufacturers are busy working on a smart watch, Microsoft is reportedly developing a fitness band which it will soon announce in the market.

Rumors about Microsoft’s wearable have been around for quite some time now, and all of them said that the company was working on a windows based smart watch like its competitors. However, according to the sources of the Windows Supersite, the upcoming wearable from the company is not really a smart watch; instead it’s a smart fitness band which will focus on the health and fitness of the user.

The fitness band will come with plenty of sensors to measure and monitor all the health aspects of the user and will look a lot like Samsung’s Gear Fit smart watch. It is also said that the device would be able to display notifications from the user’s phone. So, you would get information like heart rate, steps walked and calories burned from the device. In fact, another rumor states that the heart rate sensor would run 24×7, which means you can check your heart rate anytime of the day.

These rumors could be true to some extent as a patent filing from the company in May showed off a device which looked like a smart wrist watch. The hardware resembled a fitness band and the display showed off icons for running and heart rate. So, today’s reports along with this month old patent filing hints at the upcoming smart fitness band from the company.

It is also said that the device would be compatible with all platforms. So, it doesn’t matter if your smartphone runs Android, iOs or Windows as you can connect it to a phone with any OS. This actually creates a small opening for the fitness band as all other popular smart watches from competition is tied to its own platform. So, Android Wear connects to Android phones, Samsung’s Wearables connect with Samsung devices and the upcoming iWatch too would most likely restrict itself to iOs devices. So, Microsoft’s fitness band could be the only device from a major manufacturer to be compatible with all platforms.

If everything turns out to be exactly as the rumors predict, then we might see the device pretty soon. Microsoft is expected to announce the device in Q4 2014, so things are going to get real interesting in the next few months. Android Wear, iWatch and this Microsoft Fitness band will surely open up new choices for interested consumers.

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