Microsoft to unveil a new browser named Spartan in Windows 10 OS

Microsoft to unveil a new browser named Spartan in Windows 10 OSEver since Mozilla’s Firefox and Google’s Chrome browser have hit the markets, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer is hardly used by users worldwide. In fact, one of the foremost things that users do after installing an operating system is use the Internet explorer to download Chrome or Firefox to browse the web.

But this may change in the upcoming version of Windows 10. According to ZDNet, Microsoft is working on a new browser, code named Spartan which will look and function more like today’s generation browsers like Chrome and Firefox. So, the earlier rumors which said that Microsoft’s upcoming Internet Explorer will incorporate a lot of changes in looks and functionality could be about this new Spartan browser from the Redmond giant.

The Spartan browser is expected to debut with the Windows 10 OS alongside the new Internet Explorer 12. However, apart from the looks and functionality, the core technology on the new browser would be the same as the existing IE. It would continue to use the Chakra JavaScript engine along with Trident Rendering engine. So, Microsoft still won’t be using WebKit like Apple’s Safari browser. Even Google’s chrome utilizes a custom variant of the engine on its chrome browser.

So, what the source essentially states is that you will have two browsers on your Microsoft Windows 10 operating system. It may not be the IE 12 as predicted, but ZDNet does say that there will be a version of IE for backward compatibility reasons. The Spartan will be the default browser on both its Windows 10 desktop as well as mobile versions of the operating system.

The main aim of Microsoft with the release of the new Spartan browser is to remove the notion that IE is always slow and outdated. Even though the company’s recent iterations of IE have been snappier and better than versions before, the name ‘Internet Explorer’ isn’t doing them any good. So, the company hopes to change the mindset of the crowd with this new age Spartan browser.

It is said that Microsoft may show off the Spartan on 21 January 2015 when it reveals the next set of Windows 10 functions and features. But the source is not completely sure if the browser will be ready for a release in the January Technical Preview release of the OS. So, it may take some time for the Spartan browser to actually make it to users.

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