Microsoft Surface Mini to release at the May 20 event

Microsoft Surface Mini to release at the May 20 eventMicrosoft’s Surface lineup is due for an update and according to recent reports; the announcement about a new addition to the lineup may come sooner than expected. Microsoft has sent out invites for its upcoming Surface event to be held on May 20. This news is in line with recent rumors regarding a smaller version of Surface and it’s quite likely that the Redmond Company will release its Surface Mini tablet at the event.

It is said that the release date was postponed several times due to supply constraints and release targeting. But experts were quite sure that the device would launch in May as a Surface Mini case popped up on Amazon which showed May 18 as the date of availability. This was in line with the May 20 event scheduled by the company.

The invitations sent by Microsoft also bear the tagline, “Join us for a small gathering.” Here the ‘small’ could mean the launch of the Mini version of the Surface, which earlier rumored suggested.

Microsoft Surface Mini Rumored Specs

Unlike other Surface tablets in the market, the Surface Mini is rumored to come with a 7.5 inch screen with an aspect ratio of 4:3 and 1140 x 1080 pixel display resolution. This small size would put it in direct competition of rivals like iPad Mini, Tegra Note 7 and Galaxy Note 8.0.

The device is expected to come with a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and hence, it is quite likely that the Mini would run Windows RT instead of a full Windows 8 Operating system.

Although the device will be small in size and may not be as ideal to run Office apps as other Surface tablets, it is said that Mini will come with real pen input. The device could use Qualcomm’s Ultra Sound NotePad technology or even Tegra Pen Input to recognize inputs from these devices. It would even support Wacom Digitizer models.

Design wise, Surface Mini will be small and compact. But it will most likely retain the traditional style like its elder siblings. Also, as mentioned above, there would be a variety of keyboard cases and kickstand cases for the Surface Mini.

Earlier it was rumored that the Mini version of Surface could support gaming. But that may not be the case with this upcoming tablet as it was a long time back when such rumors surfaced the internet.

Anyways, the announcement is just a few days away, so stay tuned to the website for more updates.

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