Microsoft Reportedly Plans to Launch Its Own Smartwatch This Year

Microsoft Reportedly Plans to Launch Its Own Smartwatch This YearWell-placed sources claim that Microsoft Corp is preparing to finally launch and release its own wearable device in time for the holiday shopping season. As of press time, there is no word yet how the new smartwatch would be called, but it is logically expected to boast of interesting features.

First of all, Microsoft’s smartwatch would reportedly be able to synchronize across platforms. That means it would be compatible to be used along with Windows Phones and  even iPhones and Android devices. This could be a distinct and outstanding capability that no other smartwatches from major brands is able to do.

Second, the smartwatch is reportedly set to be able to track its wearer’s heart rate. This may not be unique anymore but Microsoft is expected to do this feature differently compared to how other smartwatches already do it.

Third, Redmond’s own smartwatch would reportedly come with a longer-lasting battery. Sources claim that its battery could operate for over two days between charges. That  would outlast the battery charge of Moto 360 and Samsung Galaxy Gear, which both require charging on a daily basis.

Speculations about the smartwatch

It can be recalled that speculations about the company’s own wrist-worn gadget started to surface in May when a patent filed in 2012 was published. That patent approval was for a wearable personal information system.

The product license was for a wearable machine that comes with a miniature computer that in turn can possibly be locked into a wristband as a user utilizes it. The device can also be removed and mounted on a dock for charging or for syncing of data.

Not new into the category

According to observers, the reported smartwatch would not be the first foray of Microsoft into wearable devices. Way back in 2002, the company unveiled its Smart Personal Object Technology (SPOT) that can deliver news and weather reports using available FM signals.

There is no word yet about the pricing and market positioning of the supposed Microsoft wearable. As expected, Redmond remains mum, refusing to comment about this report.

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