Microsoft may allow Android Apps on Windows OS

What may come as a surprise to many, according to an anonymous source, Microsoft is seriously considering allowing Android apps on the Windows platform. In a short chat with the Verge, the source revealed that the company was planning to allow Android apps to run on both the Windows and the Windows Phone OS.

One of the biggest problems with Windows Phone OS is the lack of apps. The platform, being relatively new as compared to Android and iOS, does not feature as many apps as the other two boasts of. As a result, allowing Android apps on the windows platform will open up thousands of useful apps, many of which are not available on the native platform.

The idea will definitely impress the users but what about the developers? Making Android apps compatible with the Windows platform would mean the end of app development for windows. Developers would naturally prefer to make apps for Android and let it run on windows rather than creating one for Windows separately. So, developers as well as Microsoft may suffer with a possible integration.

But it’s not as bad as it sounds. Users will directly benefit from the huge number of apps to choose from and at the same time, those potential customers who had put down the idea to buy a Windows device due to the lack of the apps available may finally buy one. Even developers can directly concentrate on making an app for a single platform instead of worrying about multiple operating systems. This may also mean that one may see better and refined apps on the Android platform.

However, this is not the first time such an idea has come up in the industry. Even at present, users can run Android apps on the Windows platform with the help of a software named Bluestacks. So, even if Microsoft officially allows Android apps on its platform, it would simply mean officiating something that was already going on.

But integration of the Android app store may not be as smooth as one thinks. Last year, Blackberry’s effort to run Android apps on its platform was not successful which may mean that even Microsoft may face this problem. However, given that the company has a much diversified portfolio and can cushion such drastic moves, one cannot rule out the possibility that this idea may indeed turn out to be successful.

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