Microsoft joins IIC to influence the development of Internet of Things

Microsoft joins IIC to influence the development of Internet of ThingsThese days’ companies are focusing on the idea of internet of things and in this regard many large tech giants are collaborating with each other to figure out a way to connect and communicate with their products.

Microsoft too is excited about Internet of Things (IoT) and recently joined the Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC), a group in which members collaborate with each other, government and academia to solve issues relating to the Internet of Things. The consortium already has well known members like AT&T, IBM, Cisco systems etc., so their collaboration should definitely fast forward the development of this concept.

The basic goal of IIC is to set build intelligent systems through interoperability standards and common architecture for smart devices.

According to a recent blog post from the company, Microsoft is committed to being an active participant in the discussions held by the members of the consortium.

“Our recent Windows, Azure Intelligent Systems Service, and Azure Machine Learning announcements represent some of our most recent examples of the investments were making in a comprehensive and robust M2M/SCADA platform to power the Internet of Your Things.” said Kevin Dallas, the General Manager of IoT at Microsoft.

“We look forward to engaging with IIC and AllSeen Alliance members to develop technologies that will improve people’s lives while fostering the interoperability, security and the dependability of the systems on which the world is built.”

By the way, Microsoft has already joined the AllSeen Alliance, which was established last year in December to bring companies together to enable their devices to connect and communicate with each other.

The Alliance which has over 40 members now consists of companies like Haier, LG, Cisco, Panasonic, Qualcomm Connected Experiences Inc., Sharp, Silicon Image, Technicolor, TP-Link etc. These companies are working on a common platform called as AllJoyn Open Source code which will enable devices of any brand to autonomously connect and communicate with each other.

In a letter to the employees by Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, he said that Microsoft will no longer be known as a ‘devices and services’ company and instead will focus on being a productivity company for mobile-first and cloud-first world.

This simply means that Microsoft aims to be the company which makes sense of the IoT. According to Nadella, when devices like smartphones, televisions, set up boxes, cars etc. communicate with each other, there will be a lot of important data that will be transferred between them. With over 3 billion people estimated to use such internet connected devices soon, Microsoft could emerge as a leader in managing this data.

He further adds that it’s vital that this data is used for personal and intelligent purposes without having to sacrifice the privacy and security of the individual.

So, Microsoft has big plans for the development of IoT and we can expect many more alliances and announcements in the coming few months.

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