Microsoft Gives Out Invites to Preview Update of Xbox One

Microsoft Corp has started giving out invitations to a selected few for a preview of its upcoming update of its latest Xbox version, Xbox One. The selected individuals would be able to try and experience the new features to be integrated into the gaming console several weeks earlier than the schedule for all users.

The software firm has already launched a new beta program that would allow several Xbox One owners to test system updates prior to a global roll out to gather feedback from users about the changes. The company started inviting selected Xbox Live members last Thursday. Those individuals are given access to preview the upcoming March update as well as future system updates.

Input from passionate community

Larry Hryb, the director of programming for Xbox Live, was quoted as saying that Microsoft needs feedback from its passionate community to ensure the best experiences for its Xbox One and Xbox Live. In his blog post, Mr. Hryb said those who were invited to participate would soon receive Xbox Live tokens for free registration.

The company intends to roll out the new system update to its beta testers sometime in the upcoming week. Participants would be able to try and experience the new features once their registration is complete and they receive the updates. However, the company expects them to give feedback through a designated private forum.

Improved multiplayer and party experiences

Mr. Hryb added that the coming updates would drastically improve Xbox One’s ability to provide multiplayer and party experiences. He reiterated that Microsoft trusts the enthusiasts of the gaming console in giving input so that the company could make the final touches especially on the new features of the updates to be delivered in March.

Sources said the updates would be important factors especially for the upcoming Titanfall, which is scheduled to be launched on March 11. It should also be noted that the beta program is coming following the company’s decision to postpone a February 11 update.

Earlier this week, Xbox One Media Remote was also introduced by Microsoft. The revolutionary remote control gives users the ability to control both the TV and the gaming console at the same time. The company announced that the new accessory would be made available beginning early March. Each unit would probably be sold in the commercial market for about $24.99.

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