Microsoft does another 180 and will not force gamers to use Kinect

Microsoft does another 180 and will not force gamers to use KinectMicrosoft has once again changed their ideals on a dark and murky subject, the Kinect. Originally designed as a competitor to the Wii, Kinect quickly became an awful way to try and navigate around the Xbox platform with voice and gesture commands and in Microsoft’s eyes it was a golden opportunity for new movements in gaming.

The gaming world did not concur, with the newest version of Kinect coming under heavy criticism, not least for Microsoft’s willingness to bundle the expensive sensor with the console and say it will always be on and listening the user.

Now the company has reverted this motion to have the sensor always on, saying to make the user feel 100% comfortable playing the Xbox One, there is now and option to completely disconnect the Kinect and make sure it cannot be turned on.

Mark Whitten affirmed this on IGN, followed by Kotaku verifying it and Microsoft Senior Executive Albert Penello stating on NeoGaf they felt it was important to make the user feel safe and comfortable. This move shows once again Microsoft have listened to the community and removed another feature.

The Kinect will still be bundled in with the console, meaning gamers who want the Xbox One will still have to pay $100 extra for something they are unlikely to ever use. Kinect functionality has not been shown on the new console to be that impressive, with SmartGlass being demoed more often.

We also have yet to see a full Kinect game, like we got when the Kinect was first released on Xbox 360. There is no Kinect Adventures and other Kinect based titles that Microsoft has demoed for the launch of the Xbox One. This makes us curious as to why they want to stock the console with the sensor.

Either way, it is a small turn in the fortunes for Xbox One fans, although having the Kinect as an optional accessory would bring the price down to around the same as Sony’s PS4, meaning both platforms would be on a level playing field.

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