Microsoft Corp’s Bing Search Engine Starts Support for Emoji

Microsoft Corp’s Bing Search Engine Starts Support for EmojiAre you fond of using those smileys or ideograms that are meant to convey simple messages to others? Microsoft Corp has good news for you. The giant technology firm has  announced that its own search engine, Bing, would start supporting ‘emoji.’

This way, the service would enable its users to search for data just by merely using those special characters into their desktop or mobile devices. Such actions would yield  corresponding search results based on the universal meaning of those emoticons.

The new and unique feature would be available in Bing specifically in English markets. It is a way for its users to search for similar ways to effectively communicate on a daily basis.

Communication aid

Bing would provide definitions for many of those puzzling emoji. Interestingly, it would benefit those who are still not too familiar about the use of those symbols in communications. The search engine would also start combining various emojis with words to provide more search results.

So why is Bing suddenly offering such support for those ubiquitous symbols? Microsoft director of marketing communications Craig Beilinson simply explained that the company wants to make communications between people even much easier.

He further expounded that the use of emojis can make communications faster if people would understand the universal meanings of the emoticons. For example, he said that an emoji for ‘sushi’ could just be typed into the Bing search box for the user to get a list of nearby sushi restaurants.

Support for emoji

Microsoft reiterated that Bing has started the support for emoji. Users can start taking advantage of that. But the company explained that the service would also have to depend on what type of browser would be a big factor.

For instance, Chrome doesn’t recognize emoji the way Apple’s own Safari does. Google, currently the most popular and most used search engine around the world, still does not offer or facilitate emoji search. There is no word yet if Microsoft’s Internet Explorer would also adopt or facilitate the use of emoji for finding search results online.   

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