Microsoft Corp sells over 1 million units of Xbox One on its release date

Microsoft Corp Sells Over 1 Million Xbox OneNo one was surprised when Microsoft Corp recently announced that it was able to sell over 1 million consoles of its new Xbox One within the first 24 hours after its release. The company could not hide its excitement and gratefulness for the overwhelming support of Xbox fans from around the world.

A day after the next-generation gaming console was released to the market, there were reports that most retailers ran out of stock of the product. Many fans aired their disappointment over the social medial when they failed to purchase the console after lining up for many hours.

Microsoft immediately assured those who were not able to buy Xbox One on Day 1 that it would soon replenish inventory to make sure all buyers would get their units. Many analysts expect that demand for the gaming console would further increase as the holiday gift giving season approaches.

Lively events to launch the console

Xbox One was simultaneously released in 13 markets across the globe. The technology firm describes it as the biggest ever launch in the history of Xbox. As it turned out, the company’s marketing push paid off. The new console was launched through street parties held in key cities around the world.

In New York, Xbox One was promoted through video billboards across Times Square. Other interesting and lively launch parties were held in Los Angeles, London, Sydney, and New Zealand. The new console is set to be launched in other markets in the coming weeks.

Other interesting stats

After selling more than a million new consoles, Microsoft also disclosed other trivial statistics about the product. Just within 24 hours following Xbox One launch, over 60 million zombies were already killed in ‘Dead Rising 3.’ Over 43.3 million Fit Points have been earned in ‘Xbox Fitness,’ while over 8.5 million enemies were already defeated in ‘Ryse: Son of Rome.’

During Xbox One launch, there were about 22 titles that were made available to gamers. Those include 10 games that are exclusive to the console. Xbox One also serves as a device for Web browsing, a one-stop entertainment product, and a social media hub especially for living rooms.

The console provides access to live TV, Skype, games, music, and many more. The Kinect 2.0 sensor could facilitate interaction between users and the consoles through movements, gestures, and voice commands.

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