Microsoft Corp Rolls Out Windows 8.1; Describes It as Its Best Platform

Microsoft Corp Rolls Out Windows 8.1The long wait could be over. Microsoft Corp has released the final version of its much anticipated Windows 8.1. The program is being touted as the successor to the controversial operating system before it, Windows 8. For quite some time, this new software has been anticipated as an important update to its recent OS.

In a statement, the software giant said its latest release is an evolution of the vision set for Windows 8, which in turn was designed for an era of mobile, continuously connected, and touch enabled computing. Windows 8.1 would be most useful whether users are at the office, at home, or always on the go.

The OS is also designed to bring about an ideal personal computing experience. It could make a PC a unique extension of its users. Thus, Windows 8.1 could create a personal experience. It could be expressive and fast-faced to meet requirements of daily living.

Anticipated update

A preview version of the OS was first rolled out in June during the company’s Build developer conference. Back then, Microsoft announced that Windows 8.1 would be the first ever major update to its Windows 8, which was launched on October 26, 2012.

For the longest time, Windows 8.1 has been waited because it is set to bring back the Windows Start button that was eliminated in Windows 8. The Start icon was temporarily ditched to give way to the OS’ first live-tile interface. Perhaps, this main feature has made it well-anticipated especially by those who have been complaining about the unfamiliar interface of Windows 8.

New and improved features

Thus, it came as no surprise that the adoption rate of Windows 8 had become lackluster. That is why Microsoft was expected to introduce more additional and new features as well as improvements to make the update popular so that it could provide a much needed boost to the its preceding OS.

Those features begin with the customizable Start screen still in the live-tile mode. Users could also opt to use the traditional Windows desktop version. The update could sync all other Windows devices through the user’s Microsoft account. There is even a one-stop App menu as well as Help + Tips app. There are more features to be discovered by users.

It is not surprising that the company describes it as its best OS so far in terms of productivity and multitasking is concerned. Windows 8.1 is now available in 230 markets around the world an in 37 languages.

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