Microsoft Corp Launches First Windows Store in Los Angeles Best Buy Outlet

Microsoft Corp Launches First Windows Store in Los AngelesMicrosoft Corp has opened its first ever Windows Store within a Best Buy location. Starting August 7, the store would be a venue where customers could actually find and buy products from the company. There would also be opportunities to see actual demos of how some new devices would operate.

The new Windows Store is within Best Buy outlet in West Los Angeles, California. The shop has an area that measures 1,500 square feet by 2,200 square feet. The giant software and device maker announced its plan to open the store last June. Back then, the company hinted that it might put up several Window Store locations in many of Best Buy’s 600 sites. The company is targeting 500 Best Buy stores within the US and another 100 Best Buy outlets in nearby Canada.

Inaugural day activities

The first day of the store was carefully planned to entice prospective customers and loyal Windows consumers. On its opening date, the Major League Soccer would be on the location. The league’s players as well as coaches would demonstrate ways to remain physically fit in time for the back-to-school season.

Major League Soccer players and coaches would demonstrate interesting soccer drills within a full-size field in Best Buy’s parking lot. They would even offer diet tips. The highlight of the activity would be the introduction of new nutrition and fitness apps that were specifically developed for the new Windows 8 operating system. Those apps include Fitbit, Daily Workouts, Endomondo, BallStrike, MLS MatchDay, and MyPlate Calorie Tracker.

Live demo of products

By 3 p.m., the store’s first 200 customers who would get a demo of any new Windows 8 device within the store could expect some giveaways. Microsoft plans to give each of those customers a wristband that would come with the chance to meet and greet soccer superstars Mauricio Cienfuegos and Clint Mathis. They would also be given two tickets each to the next LA Galaxy game plus free signed soccer balls. By 5 p.m. to 7 p.m., the two players would make a personal appearance to boost energy of customers within the new store.

The Best Buy Windows Store is set to offer various Windows PCs and tablets. Those looking for Windows Phone smartphones could surely find the products in the shop. Also sold in the store are Xbox consoles and different software products from the company.

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