Microsoft Corp Integrates Touch-Friendly Features in Internet Explorer 11

Microsoft Corp Integrates Touch-Friendly Features in Internet Explorer 11To those who think Microsoft Corp’s Internet Explorer is a weak force, think again. The giant software company seems bent to further strengthen and make its flagship browser more useful especially when used in modern devices that come with touch-screen features.

Microsoft has recently released a preview for Internet Explorer 11 (IE11) exclusively for developers though Windows 7. The latest version of the browser would be among the key features that would be introduced in the upcoming Windows 8.1 OS. As expected, it would be the default browser in the anticipated operating system.

Touch experiences

The company said the updated browser would facilitate better ‘touch’ experience for Windows 8.1. Among the most exciting features of IE11 are the touch-enabled hover menus, navigational swipe gestures, drag and drop support, and improved link highlighting.

IE11 boasts of the fast and fluid experience that is deemed perfect when using touch devices. It is impressive how pages seem to stick to users’ finger while he pans and zooms screens. That is possible through accelerated direct manipulation technology.

There is an added feature. Improved highlights are allowed for faster visual response to users’ touch. The browser facilitates sharing of feedbacks among other users. It could be much easier to swap between pages through swiping just a finger to the right or to the left.

More details

Tapping on any link would open Web pages. If the user holds down his finger on a link, the hover command would be triggered. When a link is tapped or held further, the updated browser would highlight the whole link so that users could see fully linked words, phrases, or even items.

To the delight of impatient users, IE11 would lower travel time when browsing through various Webpages. Users could swipe his way from a page to another. IE11 continues to work by suspending and caching previous pages to the memory.

What’s more? Only IE11 could facilitate moving of items on particular Web page via the touch technology. However, this feature may only be useful and enjoyable if the Websites browsed support the feature.

Overall, IE11 boasts of single-touch friendly features. Microsoft may still be holding more surprises upon the launch of the new OS, which logically includes the browser. This is why the final version of the program gets even more interesting. Windows 8.1 along with IE11 are slated to launch sometime after summer.

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