Microsoft Corp Confirms the End of Windows XP Security Essentials Updates in April

Microsoft Corp Windows XP Security Essentials UpdatesMicrosoft Corp has confirmed that it would cease updating its anti-malware tool for Windows XP users in April. It is a common knowledge now that the company would pull the plug on the old operating system after its extended expiration on April 8 this year.

This has been announced through a note posted at the Windows XP End of Life page. It stated that the support for its Microsoft Security Essentials will stop after the specified date.

The technology giant said the technical assistance it extends to Windows XP would not be available to the OS anymore. The services to be stopped include automatic updates, which help in the protection of the PC.

Long warnings

Microsoft warned Windows XP users that after the end of the support period, their PC’s would continue working but the machines would become more vulnerable to viruses and security. This may not be advisable as users would possibly be more open to contracting malware.

This news comes as another blow for users of Windows XP, who have been subjected to many years of warnings regarding the dangers of keeping the expiring operating system after April 2014. It could be recalled that since last year, the company has been issuing warnings about this possible issue.

Market share

As of December last year, Windows XP had accounted for close to 30% of all desktop operating systems in the market today. This is according to data from IT firm advisory Net Applications. In comparison, its successor, Windows Vista, accounted for more than 3.5%, while the new Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 held about 10.5% of the market.

On the other hand, Windows 7 remains as the most popular operating system worldwide. It still holds the biggest share of the desktop OS market—more than 47.50%. Many observers think that most of the XP users could possibly opt to migrate to Windows 7 after April.

Many speculations

Speculations about the company’s plans to pull out support for its Security Essentials on Windows XP users started in November. Microsoft issued a statement that time saying that it would not guarantee if there would be continued updates beyond April.

The company reiterated that keeping the security update would not make any sense for it. An antivirus that is on an out of support OS would not be enough as a solution for the threats of malware.

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