Microsoft Continues to Improve Its Apps on iOS and Android; Leaves Out Windows Phone Devices

Microsoft Continues to Improve Its Apps on iOS and Android; Leaves Out Windows Phone DevicesMicrosoft Corp has released an updated and improved version of its Office for iPad last week. The initial version, which was released earlier this year, facilitated basic editing functionalities, which make it similar to Office for Windows Phone.

But the latest update for iPad made it far better than its Windows Phone counterpart. In an effort to appease some Windows Phone users who are starting to complain about  the unfair treatment for the two mobile operating systems, the company immediately assured that it is working on a new and touch-optimized version of the app for Windows phones and tablets.

But there is a catch to it. Microsoft admitted that Windows Phone users would have to wait until next year before the major changes are rolled out. According to the company, the update has to wait until the new Windows 10 is set and ready for adoption.

Not a priority

Some observers are starting to question why Microsoft seems to be making loyal Windows Phone users wait longer before they can enjoy the perks and improvements being enjoyed first by users of iOS and Android. Is Microsoft really leaving behind its own mobile platform when it comes to releasing app updates and improvements?

Xbox One SmartGlass could be cited as a proof that it is not the case. The cross-platform app has identical versions in iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. But some experts think that this is happening only because Microsoft abandoned the Metro design to create apps that are almost identical across iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.

Inferior Windows Phone versions

However, with almost all other Windows apps, it is noticeable that iOS and Android users get to enjoy those and even the improved versions long before Windows Phone users do.

For one, Skype for iOS and Android are far more superior compared to the Skype version for Windows Phone. The new Office Sway app first came to iOS before becoming available in Windows Phone. Skype Qik app are available at the same time across iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. But the Windows Phone version lacks standard support for the sought-after Qik Flicks feature.

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