Microsoft Confirms Hardware Change to Xbox One

Microsoft Confirms Hardware Change to Xbox OneMicrosoft officially confirmed changes to the hardware of its next-generation console the Xbox One on August 3rd, 2013.

During this years E3 conference, observers had their first look into the next-generation console said to release in winter of 2013 and the excitement was instantaneous over the cutting edge technology and stunning graphics this system will employ. What observes were unaware of at the time is that they were viewing examples of the demo consoles and that perfect was still in the works. After rumors have been circulating for months that much of the software was on the verge of change, it was confirmed during a recent interview with Xbox One chief product officer Marc Whitten.

Many of the theories involved in the design of the Xbox One have just now begun taking full life and some added changes made to the actual hardware. One such change includes increasing the clock speed on the GPU from 800 MHz to 853 MHz. Microsoft designers have also dropped the internal ‘mono driver’ in the initial design after confirming the graphics driver was the best fit, 100% optimized for the new system.

In these final months before launch, the developers truly begin to see specs and concepts coming together into a physical product and as things progress the excitement at Xbox One is beginning to mount, shared by the millions of anxious gamers counting down to the release in winter. So close to deadline many final modifications are still being made as designers find even more ways to improve the system now that the actual beta systems are up and functioning.

Developers are now working with the beta systems both at the office and in their own homes, round the clock last minute developments to the system are being formed and last minute hardware changes made. Whitten also made mention that the team is working hard daily, passionate about shipping out what is to be the best system ever produced by the Microsoft company and that gamers should prepare for the best experience they have ever had.

The team has stated it will continue working with the beta consoles and find new ways each day to perfect the Xbox One right up to the final cut-off date for revisions. With so much hype forming over the specs and stunning graphics combined with record per sale orders; Microsoft will have some big shoes to fill in winter. The team is working diligently to assure the console lives up to expectations and more.

The game console is still scheduled to ship on time in November at a ticket price of $499.

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