Michael Schumacher Charged With $17M Bill With Medical Team Of 15

Today marks the 3rd year anniversary of Michael Schumacher’s skiing accident. Photo Credits: Twitter/LiveF1News

Today is a historic day as it marks the third year anniversary of Michael Schumacher’s unfortunate skiing accident. And, if reports are true, then the world champ also hit a milestone in his medical bill. The latest Michael Schumacher update says his care package has now hit £13.8 million, or around $17 million.

Schumacher was in the French Alps with his son on December 29, 2013 when tragedy struck. As he was skiing, he crashed and hit his head on a rock. Even though he was wearing a helmet when it happened, his doctors decided to put him in a medically-induced coma.

It would take six months for Schumacher to wake up from this coma. But, even then, questions still remain about his true condition. Since then, there have been no real updates as his inner circle described it as a private affair, Mail Online reported.

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His former teammate Johnny Herbert did offer some insight, saying Schumacher has “good days and bad days.” Also, friend Ross Brawn said they are “extremely hopeful” that Schumacher will make a full recovery.

Earlier this month, Sabine Kehm, Schumacher’s manager told the media that “Michael’s health is not a public issue. She further said that, despite her client’s public life, he always maintained much of his privacy. They have not commented since.

And now, there are estimates stating Schumacher’s treatment costs him £115k per week, or almost $142k. He reportedly has a 15-strong medical team that cares for him around the clock in his Geneva estate, The Sun noted. If this is accurate, then that means he has spent a total of £13.8 million or $17 million when doctors discharged him from the hospital in September 2014.

Since then, Schumacher’s wife Corinna has decided to sell off his private jet. Also, she has let go of his vacation home in Norway. At the time of his accident, Schumacher was worth £500 million.

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