Mexico’s Gas Price Hike Resulted In Deaths and Looting

Man gets arrested for looting in Mexico. Photo Credit: Twitter/UnivisionNews

Usual gas price hikes would be a few cents up, the most would be a single-digit increase, but not in Mexico.  The double-digit gas price hike is reason enough for the people to take to the streets. Mexico may be Latin America’s second largest economy, but this does not ensure that their gas prices will not increase.

The Mexican government’s deregulation of the energy sector caused the 20 percent gas price hike.  It was implemented on January 4, 2017. The people are outraged.  Demonstrators blocked the streets while the police used force to disperse the crowd.

The Morena Political organized the protest.  They placed signs on the streets, vandalized cars and buses, and even gas stations.  Some stations remain abandoned as protesters block the entrance to it.  The situation became heavy as looting became rampant.

Residents stealing gasoline from gas stations was reported in Allende, Veracruz State.  Not only gas but also merchandise.   Stores were also looted.  The protesters took whatever they can.  According to the Time, protesters ransacked over 300 stores.

In addition, to show their disgust on the gas price hike, citizens walked to workplaces.  They simply refuse to use any modes of transportation as a sign of protest. The police have arrested over 700 people, looters, and vandals alike.  The unrest just started this weekend as the Mexican announced the gas price hike.  Two deaths have been reported.  The looting cost the lives of one policeman and a bystander, reports ABC News.

The number of people affected by the looting and unrest will most likely continue to increase.  But the entirety of the effect of the gas price on the Mexicans is absolute. To show their disgust on the gas price hike, citizens walked to workplaces, striking against using any modes of transportation as a sign of protest.

President Enrique Pena Nieto stands firm on his decision on the price hike.  He emphasized that being a president would entail making difficult decisions.  Furthermore, the increase in the gas prices is “to avoid worse consequences in the future.” He also added that maintaining the gas prices low would mean using the people’s money, especially Mexico’s poorest, and giving it to the richest in Mexico.  The Mexicans, however, are not happy with the idea.  Therefore, the protests continue.

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