Mercedes Benz looking for aftermarket CarPlay installation on older models

Apple’s Carplay was revealed earlier this week and most of the major manufacturers like Volvo, Mercedes Benz and BMW are expected to integrate this software in its upcoming cars. However, this meant that the existing car owners wouldn’t get this software, unless they bought a new model. Thankfully, this is not true for all, as at least one company is planning to offer this latest software on older models too.

Today, Mercedes Benz revealed that the company is looking for ways to integrate Apple Carplay into its older models. While talking to 9to5Mac, the company’s spokesperson said that they were planning for, “an after-market solution for previous cars”, in the coming months, probably by the end of the year. This means that the existing car owners can still enjoy the latest technology that too around the same time as newer models with Carplay make it to the market.

However, exact details about this after-market solution are not yet known. Experts said Mercedes Benz owners may have to visit a local dealer who will install this new software onto the existing dashboard. The dealer probably will charge a fee for this upgradation but the actual amount will be known only after an official announcement.

Apple’s Carplay seamlessly integrates iOS powered devices to the car and with this connection; the user can control various functions like receiving a phone call or even dictating a text without the use of any buttons. Given that there are millions of people using iPhones every day, this integration will simplify the user’s experience to a considerable extent. Therefore, making this software available to existing Mercedes Benz car owners should definitely make them happy.

Mercedes Benz, Ferrari and Volvo showed off some of their cars with CarPlay at the Geneva Motor Show earlier this week. So, CarPlay powered cars are expected to make it to the market by the end of this year. Apart from these manufacturers, Apple also announced it was working with other manufacturers like BMW, Ford, GM, Honda, Hyundai, Jaguar, Kia, Nissan, Subaru, Suzuki and Toyota. So, most of the cars in the coming months will come equipped with this particular software.

Apart from Mercedes Benz, no other car maker has said anything about an aftermarket upgradation. But according to experts, most manufacturers will offer this option to please their existing customers in the market.

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