Meet Foodini, the 3D printer that makes fresh food

3D printers have many uses, from creating useful prototypes, making low cost materials for final products to making parts for replacements. While the idea of creating a final industrial product with the help of a 3D printer has been around for some years, a relatively new application of the device is for creating culinary masterpieces.

Foodini is one such 3D printer from a company called Natural Machines which aims to create a full course meal for its users within a very short time. While there are similar food printers in the market, Foodini aims to create final dishes with the help of fresh ingredients unlike these existing printers which use food capsules which rely on additives and preservatives. It’s a well-known fact that food is best eaten fresh, so Foodini is looking to provide such fresh delicacies with the same amount of precision and taste as made by a regular chef.

However, Foodini is just for speeding up the process of cooking and one can’t fully replace the ingredients or preparation required to make these dishes. In simple words, Foodini will automate some processes like printing out ravioli and will thereby speed up the process of cooking.

The company aims to shift more people to fresh foods from processed ones with the help of Foodini. According to them, one of the major reasons why people prefer processed foods is that it requires little or no real preparation. This saves them time; however it’s not good for their health.


But things are much easier with Foodini. The printer is capable of doing much more than printing candies like other rivals and will automate various stages of food preparation. Given that users will take less time to prepare their food, they will start eating fresh stuff.

The highlight of the printer is its open capsule design. Users can fill in fresh ingredients into the capsule to make the dish. There is no limit to the ingredients that can be put into the capsule, which means the user can practically make any dish that he or she wishes to eat.

As the device will be connected to the internet, customers will only have to select the recipe using the inbuilt touchscreen on the front and start putting ingredients into the capsule as directed by the machine to make food.

The company plans to ship Foodini to final customers by early 2015. According to their Kickstarter page, Foodini is available to early backers for $999 after which it will be available commercially for around $1,300. Backers have already contributed around 50% of the target amount which is $100,000, so it’s quite likely that the project will reach its milestone in the next 27 days.

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