MCR Federal, Safran to Partner on Integrated Program Management Solutions

MCR Federal, LLC, and Safran North America LLC announced today the execution of a bilateral development, licensing, and distribution agreement. The goals of the agreement are to synergize and enhance the significant Integrated Program Management solutions that the companies possess in serving customers in the commercial, Department of Defense, and U.S. Civilian agency markets.

Safran North America LLC (SNA) provides software solutions and business consulting to solve the most challenging issues of project and business management. Its business solutions are focused on facilitating the establishment of an environment that contributes to the efficient and successful execution of projects. Among its market-tested solutions are the project management application Safran Project and the project and business intelligence solution known as Proteus. SNA also provides solutions that assist U.S. government contractors in meeting the new Department of Defense reporting requirements under both the UN/CEFACT XML and Integrated Program Management Report (IPMR) requirements.

MCR Federal, LLC (MCR) has been a pioneer in developing and delivering Integrated Program Management solutions for the past 36 years. It is a leader in providing high quality program and project management expertise to the federal government and industry. In addition, it has pioneered solutions that effectively integrate and utilize Cost, Risk, Earned Value, Schedule, and Technical (CREST) data to more accurately predict the performance and success criteria for complex programs.

Under this agreement, MCR has licensed its Linked CREST Analysis and Assessment (LCAA) process (patent pending) to SNA so that LCAA may be integrated into SNA’s collection of program management solutions. “MCR selected Safran as our solutions partner because of Safran’s extensive use of data for decision making and our expected ability to dramatically increase the analytical capabilities of the Safran products,” MCR Vice Chairman Neil Albert said.

The first SNA product that will undergo integration with LCAA is SNA’s Proteus, a powerful business, project, and portfolio management application that integrates enterprise and project management data regardless of the underlying application or data source. Proteus leverages the entire enterprise’s data environment as a virtual corporate database, breaking through the old barriers of application-routed data, functional stove-piped information and geographic dispersal.

SNA, in turn, under the agreement, has established MCR as a channel partner for its wide range of software solutions. “With this agreement with MCR, Safran now has a strategic partner that brings to the table an unparalleled level of project management expertise that will be instrumental in providing a complete business management solution to the industry. With the cutting edge capabilities provided by the integration of CREST data in MCR’s LCAA methodology, Safran will support these capabilities not only through Proteus’ best-in-class visualization capabilities, but also extend its applicability via the broad spectrum of sources that are accessible by Proteus’s agnostic approach to underlying data sources,” said SNA President and Chief Executive Officer Nicholas Pisano. “In addition, LCAA includes several data integrity and cross-checks methodologies which will be leveraged across the Proteus data sets, improving both the quality and utility for decision making.”

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