McDonald’s Discontinues Budget Assistance Website for Employees Due to Criticisms

McDonalds Discontinues Budget Assistance WebsiteMcDonald’s Corp has decided to pull the plug on its informational and budget management Website amid criticisms particularly from a group that seeks higher wages for hourly workers. The giant fast-food chain finally shut down ‘McResource’ Website on Christmas Eve after the site became a constant target of derision by Low Pay Is Not OK.

The group has criticized the online site because it believed that the tips and insights shared on the Website are not really for the greatest benefit of low-waged employees. For one, Low Pay Is Not OK pointed out that in one time, McResources advised employees to break their food into several pieces as a strategy to stretch their budget. Just recently, the site has also been slammed for advising workers to lower fast food consumption and shift to healthier food choices.

However, McDonald’s has clarified that the Website did not advise against consumption of fast food. Instead, the group offered counsel about using data to make more informed decisions and choices in life.

McDonald’s decision

The controversial Website was also linked to a telephone helpline that provides more advices to employees. But that hotline has also been mocked because of its recent controversial advices, which include the one that asked workers to obtain assistance from the government and even to get second employment to better make ends meet.

McDonald’s must have been fed up already, prompting it to give up on the site by shutting it down on the day before Christmas Day. In a memo it released to employees and other parties, the company said it has already been dreaded enough to even defend the site even more.

In the same memo, McDonald’s confirmed to its employees that talks about the demise of the Website were truthful. It reiterated that despite the site’s good intentions and purposes, some groups of people could not let the information further flourish.

Humble admission

McDonald’s also admitted that some of the content posted on the Website had been heavily criticized because of the way those were worded. It also admitted that some content has just been taken out of content. The company also decided to discontinue the online site from McDonald’s growing suite of resources.

However, McDonald’s would continue providing access to its internal telephone help line. The company said it would still offer free services to callers who have basic financial problems.

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