Mass Molestation On New Year: Indian Police Find No Evidence

Women claims harassment, but police says no evidence found. Photo Credit: Twitter/OpIndia_com

On the New Year’s Eve in India, citizens of the country gathered to celebrate the most wonderful festivity of the year. But that celebration turned out to be a traumatic night for women who desired to witness this occasion.  There were reports of mass sexual harassment from these women who happens to be in Bangalore.  However, the police commissioner of this city denied such incident.

Because he stands for what he says that the police saw no evidence of any crime, especially of assault. The footage from numerous CCTVs that had been put up to keep the city safe throughout the event did not show any harassment of women.

In addition, the police commissioner cannot publish such occurrence and start their investigations.  This is due to lack of evidence, as well as witnesses.  No victims came up to their desk and testified such happenings in Bangalore.

The police commissioner ascertains that no mass molestation occurred.  Only a series of melee as to what they understood as an uncontrollable situation.  This involving a number of people.  So, this circumstance resulted in outrage and panic from the dispersion, reports the BBC.   And these episodes of so-called harassment arose from people bumping, pulling and unintentional touches from each other to run for safety and secure themselves from the chaos.

No evidence of harassment found

Men, are per the women’s reports, assaulted and rudely attacked them. Despite what women reported to media and families, these accidental touches and pulling were not a concrete proof.  This is what the commissioner considers.   Even though numerous of run through of the footage from different locations around the city were taken and still for further investigation.

Bangalore is one of the safest city in India, the center of technology and most of India’s industries, reports Times India.  Still, this situation is so alarming.  No definite evidence on footages and complaints.  nonetheless, the police are being positive.  They still motivated the public to come out.  Whether they are witnesses or victims of such a case.  No evidence means no cases.

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