Mass Grave In Mexico: 56 Sets Of Human Remains Identified

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In February last year, state authorities discovered a pit in Nuevo Leon with human remains in it. They discovered the pit to the north of Monterrey and in the hills of rural Garcia. Authorities spent almost a year in analyzing the remains to understand the number of people buried in the pit. After analyzing bone fragments and teeth, they now revealed that 56 sets of remains were found in the death pit.

Off these 56, 24 sets are completely identified thanks to DNA testing. Some of the remains (from the 24) belonged to people, who were already reported as missing way back in 2010. However, the identity of the remaining 32 is not yet known. At the moment the authorities are delivering the remains of the identified victims to their surviving relatives. They are also working on discovering the identity of the 32 others.
According to a report in New York Times, a violent cartel known as the Zetas cartel dominated the region in 2010. Many speculate that the discovered remains belonged to people, who were victims of this Zetas cartel. Reports indicate that Zetas often burnt their victims to death. In some cases, they dissolved their victims and reduced their bodies to bones.

Other mass graves

UHowever, this is not the first mass grave found in the country. According to Reuters, mass graves are a common occurrence in Mexico. For instance mass graves were found in the state of Guerrero and near the city of Torreon sometime back. According to a November BBC report, authorities discovered as many as 32 bodies and 9 heads from around 17 pits near the village of Pochahuixco in the hills of Zitlala. Of these 32 bodies, 31 were men and only one victim was a woman. The heads were found inside a cooler.

In another instance, Mexican authorities discovered around 600 bodies in a paddock in San Pedro, near Torreon. According to an article in RT news, this is one of the biggest mass graves in the country riddled by drug cartels and gang wars. Another 340 sets of remains were found in Durango in 2012, while another 193 people were murdered and buried in eight graves at La Joya ranch in the San Fernando municipality in 2011.

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