Mark Zuckerberg Answers Tough Questions, Including Why He Wears the Same Shirt Daily

Mark Zuckerberg Answers Tough Questions, Including Why He Wears the Same Shirt DailyIt seems that Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg is out to be more endeared to more people globally. After recently going to a speaking engagement in China and being more visible publicly, he recently had his first public Question and Answer session, wherein he answered all the frequently asked questions about Facebook and himself.

The CEO hosted the discussion in Menlo Park. The activity was actually an initiative to set to a global state his regular in-house Q&A sessions with Facebook employees. Here are the highlights of the interesting session.

Facebook Messenger app

Zuckerberg entertained as many questions about Facebook’s Messenger app. It can be recalled that since its launch in summer, the new app has drawing criticism from  numerous users.

So what prompted the company to roll out a separate app that would take care of the messaging activities in the social networking site’s mobile version?

To this, Zuckerberg simply implied that it is the logical thing to do. He further explained that it wa s a strategy to make Facebook mobile experience better. The CEO emphasized that this action enables Facebook app and Messenger app to focus primarily on what they do well.

Thus, Facebook app is now dedicated mainly to the News Feed, while the Messenger app is designated to take care of the messaging tasks. He admitted that at first, the  company was concerned about the risk it was taking as it knew most users would react differently to the move to split the two functions in mobile. But he assured that things are settling down now.

Wearing the same t-shirt everyday

On the personal aspect, Zuckerberg answered questions pertaining to his personal life. He mainly revealed that the movie ‘The Social Network’ was not that accurate in depicting
what seemed to be his life. But he acknowledged that the Hollywood flick was accurate in pointing out that he wears the same set of clothes regularly.

So why is he wearing the same outfit daily? Zuckerberg said that like the late Steve Jobs, he does not want to spend time thinking about what to wear each day. He would rather spend more time doing his work at the company. But he clarified that he has many pieces of the same clothes to make sure he is always clean and fresh daily.

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