Mad Catz M.O.J.O update adds 4K support and OUYA game store access

Mad Catz M.O.J.O update adds 4K support and OUYA game store accessMad Catz’s M.O.J.O micro-console may not be the best gaming console in the market right now, but it is surely one of the few ones to support 4K streaming. Even PS4 and Xbox One cannot stream games in 4K, which means that this inexpensive piece of gaming hardware outdid both these expensive consoles in this particular matter.

Along with 4K streaming support, you will also get access to OUYA games, thanks to the OUYA Everywhere initiative. The company had announced this initiative back in March and had even said Mad Catz was the first partner to sign the deal.

Given that OUYA has over 840 games, with many exclusive ones as of now, this should be great news for Mad Catz fans in the country. According to the company, hundreds of these games are configured to work seamlessly with its C.L.T.R gamepad. So, finally, users won’t have to stick with OUYA’s controllers to play these games.

The update even improves Google Play access.  The new firmware opens up hundreds of new games and digital apps on the play store, that too without having to root the device. Actually, that wasn’t a big deal, given that rooting did not void your warranty. In fact, even now, the company claims that M.O.J.O is an open platform, so users can go ahead and root the device without fear to get the most out of its $199 investment.

The new firmware definitely adds value to the moderately successful M.O.J.O console, which means gamers have all the more reason to spend $199 on the device.

Surprisingly, there are many games which can be up scaled into 4K. And according to the company, games like Wind Up Knight 2, Canabalt, Anomaly 2, Air Attack HD, Dead Trigger 2, Asphalt 8, and Riptide GP2 works brilliantly on a 84 inch 4K television. So, if you are wondering whether there’s enough 4K content in the market, then don’t worry as there are games along with websites like Netflix who have already started providing 4K content. Even sports channels like ESPN are expected to provide 4K content in the coming months.

Further, 4K TVs are expected to become cheaper in the next few years, and we are already seeing manufacturers follow this trend. So, you could probably get a decent 4K TV for less than $1500 pretty soon.

As good as it sounds now; it would be interesting to see how these small consoles fare when giants like Google and Apple release their streaming boxes with gaming capabilities.

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