Lyft Cars can be Creative yet Weird

Lyft Cars can be Creative yet WeirdA ride sharing service called Lyft has attracted some unusual vehicles. As an example, a car make be accessorized with disco lights and a fog machine. The car may be accented with a Lyft mustache hat is clearly outlined with LED lights.

The ride sharing service is currently available in Boston, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Seattle. These cars also feature outgoing drivers in addition to the eccentric, kooky cars. By accessing a Lyft app on the phone, anyone with Facebook can just book and pay for a ride with one of the Lyft drivers who will arrive in a one of a kind unique vehicle.

When the company began affixing oversized, fluffy mustaches on the grills of the cars, it started as a promotional gimmick, but instead, ended up accenting the social-focused customer service approach and gave the company a peppy, exciting, fun personality that got the attention of plenty of people.

When drivers are recruited, they go through an orientation where they are encouraged to make the ride fun for the passenger and to offer their passengers something extra, such as candy. They are also encouraged to join Twitter and keep their own Twitter account actively going.

Lyft Co-Founder John Zimmer said in a prepared statement, “We really want everyone to have this opportunity to explore their creativity with Lyft.”

Sometimes the car is completely decorated. Some cars feature chalkboards or graffiti or even offer riders the chance to sign the outside or the inside the car. Some cars even have games inside. Every car is fully equipped with smartphone chargers. Drivers give passengers different gifts, such as candies, treat bags, freshly baked goods, or toys.

Lyft rides are designed to be social activities and begin with a fist bump greet from the driver. Requesting a Lyft car through the app does not enable the passenger to select which car to ride in, but it does guarantee an interesting, fun ride that the occupants won’t soon forget.

As the popularity of the Lyft Car continues to grow, the operations may expand to other cities. In the meantime, people in four metro areas enjoy seeing the fun-filled rides moving up and down the streets. Many people who have creative personalities and other jobs, such as artists, craftspeople, singers, and musicians are drawn to jobs as Lyft car drivers, thus making the experience even more unique.

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