LinkedIn Settles Spam Lawsuit; Will Pay Users $1,500 In Cash

Users who signed up for LinkedIn during 2011 to 2014 are eligible to file their claim against the company that could get them up to $1,500 in cash.

The payout from LinkedIn comes as in line with the settlement that the company has agreed to in resolving a spam lawsuit that was filed in 2013. As a result of  violating their Terms of Services in the “Add Connections” feature, LinkedIn must pay $13 million, with $1,500 cash to be paid to eligible users.

LinkedIn is the working professional's equivalent of Facebook.

LinkedIn is the working professional’s equivalent of Facebook.

The “Add Connections” feature lets users import their contacts to the site using their email, letting them find other LinkedIn contacts on the site. The feature, however, also sent invites to non-LinkedIn members.

If the invitation received no response, it would send two additional follow-up emails to remind them of the pending invite, which is where the terms were violated. These additional notifications were sent without users’ consent, violating the company policies.

Though LinkedIn denied wrongdoings, it decided to settle the $13 million suit anyway. Users who utilized the feature to connect with non-LinkedIn members between 17 Sept, 2011 and 31 Oct, 2014 are eligible for the payout. LinkedIn itself has circulated personal emails to such persons, delivering them IDs to file on its site.

Users will roughly get $1,500 each, but the amount could go down as the number of claims increase. The claims need to be filed before 14 Dec, 2015 to be valid. The final approval hearing is set to take place on 11 Feb, 2016.

“There are certain members to whom we’re sending too much email. That needs to be corrected and improved, and it will be,” says Jeff Weiner, LinkedIn CEO, when asked about the overwhelming notifications.

The company is now considering alternatives to keep in touch with its members without flooding their inboxes with more mature notification practices.

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