LG will be the exclusive supplier of iWatch’s flexible display

iwatch-concept-fuse-chickenMost of the tech companies in the world have expressed their interest in the wearable industry and many of them have already announced plans for their upcoming wearable devices. Even Apple is expected to release one in the market later this year, however the company has not yet revealed anything officially.

According to latest reports, LG will be the sole supplier of the flexible OLED displays for the iWatch. The Korean website Naver states that LG will be the exclusive supplier for the iWatch’s flexible display and the company plans to sell around 9 million smartwatches this year. This is not that surprising given that earlier reports had hinted that Apple was in talks with LG for its flexible OLED displays.

The report adds that the iWatch will come in two different variants, namely the 1.3 inch version and the 1.5 inch version. The display, as mentioned earlier would be made by LG and will be protected by Sapphire Crystal display covers. It is also said that the smartwatch could come in different material options, and some of the versions could cost up to a thousand dollars. So, if these rumors turn out to be true, there will be different variants of iWatch in the market and interested customers can pick one up, as per their budget.

Apple and LG have partnered in the past for its display and many of the display panels for Apple’s iPads, iMacs and Thunderbolt display have been supplied by the South Korean company. Further, the company’s curved OLED display is considered to be better than Samsung’s panel. The G Flex smartphone from LG which is based on the similar curved display has won several awards. So, Apple partnering up with LG for an important product like iWatch is not that surprising.

While the exact features of the device is not yet known, several analysts suggest the Apple device would focus on the health aspects of the user. It would come with sensors that can measure heart rate, check up on blood pressure and so on. In this regard, it is also said that the next version of iOS, the iOS 8 would integrate the rumored healthbook app which would collaborate all of these readings into a single place. Many of the wearables currently in the market are fitness centric devices; hence it’s quite likely that Apple too would follow this trend.

Rumors suggests that the iWatch will release as soon as September this year, so fans won’t have to wait too long before they can see whether the device is as good as they expect.

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