LG unveils three new G Pad tablets

LG unveils three new G Pad tabletsLG has unveiled 3 new tablets in the G Pad lineup, which cater to the needs of a variety of users in the market.

Last year at IFA, LG announced its first G Pad tablet which measured 8.3 inches. The specs were nothing out of the ordinary and the device didn’t sell as well as expected, mainly due to the competition from rivals like Google Nexus 7 and iPad Air.

But LG is looking to fight off competition with three new tablets this year. Instead of continuing with the 8.3 inch model, LG decided to go with the standard sizes this year and users have the option of opting for a 7.0 inch, 8.0 inch or a 10.0 inch G Pad tablet for their use.

The main aim of expanding its tablet range to three new sizes is to cater the ever growing needs of consumers. Not all want a compact tablet, especially those who like to watch movies on these devices. However, there are people who would like to have a tablet around 7 inches so that they can use it with one hand. So, these three different sizes will give a lot more options for consumers to choose. For example, the 7 inch G Pad is quite compact and portable, while the larger 10 inch tablet is ideal for mobile entertainment needs.

Unfortunately, LG has not yet revealed information regarding the specifications on these three devices. But LG assures that software features like QPair and Knock Code will be available on them.

Knock Code can be called as the next version of the Knock On feature initially released with LG G2. But Knock On could only unlock or lock the device by double tapping the screen and users could not use it with to secure the device. However, Knock Code helps to achieve this function by accepting only a recognized tapping pattern to unlock the device. There are plenty of combinations available, so users can have their special Knock Code to unlock their G Pad tablet.

QPair is yet another useful feature that will make it to these G Pad tablets. The feature sends notifications and messages from the user’s smartphone to the tablets. So, users won’t have to switch from one device to another to get notifications and can focus on the tablet without losing any important messages. He can even reply to messages directly from the tablet, and hence, the feature will surely come in handy.

More details will be revealed at the MedPi 2014 event to be held in Europe, so stay tuned to the website.

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