LG to make the first Android Silver smartphone according to evleaks

LG to make the first Android Silver smartphone according to evleaksA few weeks back, some reports came up on the internet saying that Google was shutting down the Nexus project. This was a surprise to all, given that Google’s Nexus range has been doing so well in the market and Nexus smartphones have been popular among fans worldwide.

But then reports about the code names of the next Nexus range, which probably meant that earlier rumors may have been false. The code names, ‘flounder’ and ‘molly’ were in line with the naming scheme used by Google for its Nexus range, which meant that one of these devices could be the next Nexus 6 Smartphone.

But things get interesting as the well-known leaker, evleaks revealed, a few hours back that Google was indeed ditching its Nexus project. Evleaks has a reputation of giving out accurate information about upcoming devices which also means that the rumors about Android Silver replacing Google Nexus range may be true.

Like most other times, the famous leakster revealed this information via his twitter handle, @evleaks.

“There is no Nexus 6. Farewell, Nexus.” said one of his tweets.

A while later, he also said that LG would manufacture the first handset in the Android Silver project, which is not surprising at all given that the South Korean giant has been making Nexus smartphones for the past two years.

Later on he tweeted the following, “LG handset, running a Qualcomm MSM8994, to be among first Silver devices. Successor to the Nexus 6 initiative, expected on Sprint in the US.”

As earlier rumors hinted, LG may not be the only partner in the Android silver project. So, Android Silver smartphones could be made by a number of manufacturers. For now, only Motorola is said to have partnered with Google along with LG for the project, but other manufacturers like HTC, Samsung and Sony could partner with Google in the future.

So, what’s the different between Android Silver and Nexus?

To start with, there will be multiple partners in the Silver project unlike the Nexus range. Also, Google is looking to control the amount of non-Google apps on Android smartphones in this project. The company is looking to provide a smooth vanilla Android experience on all Android Silver smartphones. So, Google could ask manufacturers to limit the number of outside apps or at least give users an option to remove them.

Google has always been a fan of pure Android smartphones and many of the leading flagship phones have a special Google Play Edition too, which runs stock Android. So, the Android Silver project could be Google’s move to take this vanilla Android experience to the next level.

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