Lg rumored to unveil its G Watch R2 smartwatch at CES 2015 with LTE radio

Lg rumored to unveil its G Watch R2 smartwatch at CES 2015 with LTE radioIt’s just been 2 months since LG’s second smartwatch was announced, and we are already receiving details about the next generation of the G Watch R. According to Business Korea, the second generation of LG’s round smartwatch range will be called as the LG G Watch R2. So, it looks like LG will be sticking with its current naming scheme for the next version too.

The source further reveals that the watch will come with a 4G LTE radio. If this turns out to be true, LG G Watch R2 could be a standalone smartwatch unlike its previous generations which needed a smartphone connection to work. Moreover, the presence of this radio, would put the device in direct competition with the Samsung’s recently announce curved smartwatch, the Gear S.

However, even with the high speeds, you will probably be better off without a 4G LTE connection given that it sucks up a lot of battery. Those who use 4G networks on their smartphones are aware of this problem and given the small size of the battery in a smartwatch, LTE isn’t the ideal network you would want in the device.

One of the biggest issues faced by smartwatches these days is the battery life. The small form factor restricts the size of the battery that manufacturers can fit inside such a device, so you hardly get 3-5 days of usage time on these wearables. Now adding an LTE radio will not be a smart decision given the already pathetic battery life, unless LG somehow discovers a way to increase the battery capacity without increasing the watch’s size.

However, one interesting thing to note is that LG G Watch R does have a bigger battery as compared to other offerings in the market like Moto 360 or Samsung’s Gear watch. LG has managed this feat with almost the same dimensions as the other watches in the market, so we cannot rule out the possibility of a larger battery on the upcoming G Watch R2 for accommodating the LTE radio’s energy needs.

Business Korea also reports that the watch will be unveiled at MWC 2015 to be held in March at Barcelona. This should be around the same time as Apple makes its Apple Watch available for purchase. So it looks like, the first quarter of 2015 will be an exciting time for wearable enthusiasts all around the world.

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