LG reveals pricing and availability details for G Watch at Google I/O

LG reveals pricing and availability details for G Watch at Google I/OLG G watch may not be the best in terms of design or even the hardware, but it’s definitely the first one to hit the market.

As expected Google revealed more details about its wearable specific operating system, Android Wear at the Google I/O event yesterday. Several OEMS too came forward to give more information about their Android Wear running products. Among them was LG who revealed important details like pricing and availability of its G Watch.

Although there were two other Android Wear smartwatches at the event, from Samsung and Motorola, LG’s G Watch has a unique design profile as compared to the other two. The company went with a basic square design with less metal.

LG states that it considered circular design for its G watch but then concluded that it wouldn’t matter whether the watch was circular or square as people don’t really care about the shape of the smartwatch. All they care about is the timely and relevant information on screen, which is exactly what LG is hoping to provide. Moreover, square design is more text friendly, so notifications and messages can be displayed properly on a square watch.

As for the specifications, the watch comes with a 1.65 inch LCD screen with no physical buttons. While that makes the design look seamless, users will have to rely on the traditional touch and swipe gestures to operate the smartwatch.

Inside, there’s a Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 chipset with 512MB RAM. Initial reviews state that processor handled all operations smoothly, but that was just in the demo mode, which restricted many features of the watch. So, only a full review can judge its performance. Apart from the processor and RAM, there’s 4GB onboard storage and 400 mAh battery. LG claims this is the biggest battery in a wearable device and would give standby time of around 36 hours, which to be frank is not bad at all.

The watch measures 37.9 x 46.5 x 9.95mm and weighs about 63 grams. Also, the strap on the watch is interchangeable with any other 22mm strap from the market. LG has also included 9 axis sensors and Bluetooth 4.0. So, the watch should be able to provide data to fitness services like Android fit. The smartwatch is also IP67 certified, meaning its dust and water resistant which adds to the sporty element of the device.

As mentioned above, LG G watch would be the first Android Wear smartwatch to release in the market and the device is currently available for pre-order for $229. It is expected to ship by July 7, so customers won’t have to wait long to get their hands on their device.

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