LG reportedly working on a WebOS smartwatch

LG reportedly working on a WebOS smartwatchLike Android for mobiles, the Android Wear platform for wearables which was announced earlier this year plans to take over most of the smartwatches in the market. Given that it’s based on the worlds most used mobile operating system, there’s a very high chance that it would soon end up in a number of new smartwatches that will make way in the market in the next few months.

At the time of launch, Google managed to attract a lot of notable partners like Samsung, LG, and Asus etc. But it looks like some of these companies may not just rely on this new OS for its wearables.

Samsung already announced three Tizen based smartwatches this year, including the new Gear S with its own 3G radio. So, even if the company has one Android Wear smartwatch, there are three other Tizen watches to compete with it.

And it looks like Samsung isn’t the only tech giant to work with another OS for its products as a new report says that LG is developing a new smartwatch running the infamous, Web OS.

We have recently heard some rumors about a new smartwatch from the company which had its own inbuilt cellular radio and Web OS could be a great alternative for such a standalone smartwatch.

If you have never heard about Web OS, don’t worry. The operating system didn’t quite hit it off with customers and the makers, Palm Inc. were later acquired by HP. Just last year, HP sold it to LG and the South
Korean giant currently uses this OS on a number of its web enabled Smart TVs.

Given that LG owns the OS, the company has unlimited access to all of its source code, documentations and developers which makes it easier to make changes and tweak the operating system for a device like a smartwatch.

WebOS works on lightweight architecture and the overall UI too is card based which can make a great system for a smartwatch. This could be the reason why LG is trying to develop a smartwatch running on this platform.


The Verge was first to spot the WebOS smartwatch page on LG’s developmental portal earlier today, however as soon as the news spread, LG took down the website.

However, we luckily have a few images from the portal, which although doesn’t reveal much about the stage of development, still proves that the company is looking for different options for its upcoming smartwatches.


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