LG G3 Vigor coming to AT&T this Friday

LG G3 Vigor coming to AT&T this FridayLG may not have as many smartphones in the market as Samsung, but recently the company has been releasing some interesting devices with well-crafted design and top of the line specifications. Yes, we are talking about LG G3 which managed to impress both critics and consumers alike.

But if you think that the G3 is too high end or too costly for you, LG is giving you another option to choose namely the LG G3 Vigor. If you have heard about the LG G3 Beat, which is the mini version of the flagship, then you know everything already because Vigor is the same G3 Beat rebranded in US.

We have seen a number of international devices being launched with new names on AT&T and this is exactly what happened here. The LG G3 Vigor comes with many of the special features of the flagship that we love but at a much lesser price.

However with a drop in price, you’ll have to sacrifice in a few areas. First of all, the display is not as sharp or as big as the original G3 flagship. Instead, LG has fitted the Vigor with a 5 inch 720p resolution display which comes to around 294 PPI. This is no way near the 538PPI 5.5 inch 2K screen found on the G3 but we think the display is still pretty good for a mid-range phone.

Inside, the G3 Vigor comes with a Snapdragon 400 Quad Core processor with 1GB, which again is less powerful than the 801 Quad Core processor with 3GB RAM found on the G3. Still the performance should be at par as compared to other phones in this price range.

Another difference is the 8MP camera on the back as compared to the 13MP shooter with 4K video support on the G3. But the LG G3 Vigor does have the special Laser Autofocus, which was only found on the original flagship. This kind of tech doesn’t usually end up in a mid-range phone, so fans would definitely be happy. Rest of the software features are pretty much the same as the G3.

Even though the device is scaled down, it retains the design element of the original flagship. You also get AT&T’s HD Voice support which should deliver better call quality than regular networks.

You have 4G LTE support too, which gives it another edge over other mid-range devices.

LG G3 Vigor goes on sale from September 26 for $334.99 off contract or $49.99 on AT&T.  The device looks like a good buy for this price as it retains many features from its elder brother.

So, would you buy the new G3 Vigor?

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