LG G3 to come with metallic back cover and removable battery

LG G3 to come with metallic back cover and removable batteryLG G3 just became the product that everyone is looking forward to as new leaks report that the South Korean company will replace the traditional plastic back cover with a premium metal finish. HTC did this with its One smartphone last year and it was an instant hit. Unfortunately, even after the tremendous positive feedback One received last year, hardly any manufacturer went for a metal back cover. Instead, they chose to stick with the plastic cover, which quite frankly looks a bit boring.

The leak comes directly from the well-known leaker, evleak’s website and it even shows off an image of G3 to add some credibility. Given that evleaks has leaked over 200 devices since 2011, of which most of the information have been true, one can assume this news as good as confirmed.

The image as shown above reveals a silver metallic texture, similar to the one found on HTC One. However, it may not necessarily mean that the back cover is metal. As the image reveals, the texture is metallic but it may just be a metallic textured plastic body. Not that this is a bad thing as it looks premium and may not be a fingerprint magnet as the earlier models.

The leak also reveals that the LG G3 will have a removable battery, which is actually a much needed change from the non-removable battery on G2. Many smartphones come with a non-removable back cover, but it’s not something that consumers like. Users like to keep a spare battery in case the original one dies and a removable back cover can come in handy in these situations.

Now, if LG could include a MicroSD card slot into this beast, then it would turn out to be one of the best devices of the year. Earlier rumors suggest a Snapdragon 801 SoC, QHD Display (which will be a first from a major manufacturer) and a solid 13MP shooter with OIS, so on the hardware side, the device would easily compete with the existing flagships.

However, not all smartphones come with a removable or a metallic back cover. So, LG’s G3 could really make things hard for rivals like Galaxy S5, Xperia Z2 and HTC One M8.

Maybe, launching G3 late was a smart move by the company and if it really comes with all the specs as stated by rumors, the device would be one of the best flagships of the year.

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