LG G3 to come in Gold, features a 2K resolution display

LG G3 to come in Gold, features a 2K resolution displayFor the first time in the past few years, LG managed to grab the attention of almost everyone with the release of its revolutionary LG G2. The smartphone was quite different from its competitors especially with its buttons on the back and the knock on feature.

This year, most of the manufacturers have released their flagship devices, however LG has been silent till now. The company has not yet announced any plans for its upcoming flagship even though devices like Galaxy S5 and HTC One M8 are already available for sale.

But like any other famous device in the market, rumors are circulating on the internet about this upcoming device and LG even confirmed recently that G3 would feature a 2K resolution display. This will make it one of the few devices in the market to have such a high resolution display.

2K Resolution Display

LG’s smartphones have been praised in the past for their display and looks like G3 too would have one of the best displays in the market. Many of the existing smartphone manufacturers have shied away in the past from incorporating an ultra-high resolution display on their flagship. In fact, Samsung Galaxy S5 was rumored to come with an ultra-high resolution display (2k), however for some reason the company went with the existing 1080p display.

Some say the extra pixels on the screen drain away battery, which must be why Samsung decided to stick with the 1080p screen. Also, the actual advantage of having a 2K resolution screen is still not clear, but hopefully, as more high resolution phones hit the market, the question will be answered.

The good news is, the 2K resolution on G3 is confirmed. So, for now, at least one thing about the smartphone is clear. Hopefully, in the coming weeks, more information will be revealed by LG.

Gold LG G3

Following the trend of most of the manufacturers in the market, it is said that LG G3 will come in a gold version too. Many smartphones in the market like iPhone 5S, HTC One and Galaxy S5 come in gold version and hence, it will not be surprising to see LG releasing a gold version of G3. Back in January, the company announced a gold version of the existing LG G2, so it’s quite likely that these rumors will turn out to be true.

Unfortunately, the release date of the device is not yet known, but one can expect the announcement anytime in the next two months.

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