LG G3 Mini could be smaller than its predecessor

LG G3 Mini could be smaller than its predecessorEarlier this year, LG announced the mini version of its popular G2 smartphone. The phone came with a slightly smaller screen along with a Quad Core processor which made it a great choice for a mid ranger.

However, G2 is about a year old and the new flagship, LG G3 is already out of the bag. The current generation G3 has received quite a lot of positive response especially due to its design and super sharp 5.5 inch screen. So, it’s quite likely that LG will release a mini version of this popular handset soon.

Over the past few weeks, there have been several rumors which gave some details about the mini phone, however, yesterday; we have some more details about the device. Some of the specifications of the phone were leaked by an Indian import export website called Zauba, which was spotted by Tech Radar a few days back.

According to the website, LG G3 mini will feature a Quad Core processor with 8GB internal memory. There’s no mention about the RAM size. As for the screen, the phone will come with a 4.5 inch one as opposed to the 4.7 inch one found on its predecessor. Although the resolution of the screen is not mentioned on the sheet, earlier rumors suggests a 720p screen on the device.

Another interesting thing as revealed by the leak is the camera sensor. The website reports that the phone would come with a 5MP sensor as opposed to the 8MP sensor found on the G2 mini. This is kind of surprising as you don’t see a manufacturer downgrading a feature in a new phone. Finally, the sheet mentions a 2,100 mAh battery, which is also smaller than the 2,440 mAh battery on the mini G2.

Back in April, even before the launch of the G3 handset, a website called My LG phones had leaked that the G3 mini would come with an 8MP camera and a 720p screen. Although this leak was a while back and things could have changed in the past few months, the specs as revealed by the leak sound somewhat true as they are better than last year’s mini model.

So, take this leak by Zauba with a grain of salt. The specs are not even close to what one expects from a mini model of a great flagship and unless LG wants to give tough competition to low end smartphones like Moto G, it’s quite likely that these won’t be the specs that we’ll find in the next G3 mini model.

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