LG G Watch has an edge over Samsung Gear Live in terms of reparability

LG G Watch has an edge over Samsung Gear Live in terms of reparabilityA few days back, we saw ARM holdings tear down the first two Android Wear running smartwatches. Those guys gave us a fair idea as to how easy it was to disassemble both the devices.

However, if you are an avid follower of tech blogs, you’d know that when it comes to tear downs, there’s no one better than iFixit. In fact, they are known worldwide for their detailed disassembly guides and people value the reparability score that they give to each gadget.

This time around, the guys over at iFixit managed to get their hands on LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live smartwatches and I don’t think we need to guess what happened next.

iFixit gave LG G Watch a score of 9 out of 10 for reparability, which means it quite easy to fix it if something goes wrong. In comparison, Gear Live received 8 out of 10, which makes it slightly harder to fix. However, both these scores are good as compared to other gadgets in the market and it’s quite easy to fix these devices with a little bit of effort at home.

According to the company, G Watch was pretty easy to disassemble. There were 4 T5 screws which came out easily with the right screw driver and the overall package was sturdy and well built. The battery on top of the cover too was easy to replace as it is fixed with very little adhesive. Moreover, the company notes that the lack of ‘fragile cable’ makes it even easier to take the watch apart.

Gear Live has a similar built, so like G Watch, it’s easy to open the device. However, iFixit said that there were many ‘small adhered-in flexible PCBs’ inside, which probably gave G Watch an edge over it.

While both the devices are easy to open, changing their displays is a bit difficult. The companies have opted for a fused display assembly which not only makes it harder to get the panel out, but also makes the procedure costly. The display is fixed with a strong adhesive which required some heat and delicate touch to separate. Hence, it would be better if you repaired it from a professional when something goes wrong with the display.

Both, Gear Live and G Watch are currently available for pre-order and will ship sometime later this month. LG G Watch will retail for $229, while Gear Live will sell for $199.

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