LG Chromebase to go on sale starting May 26

LG Chromebase to go on sale starting May 26Yesterday, Intel announced 20 new Chromebooks in the market which are much powerful and energy efficient than earlier models. LG too is keen on joining the party as the South Korean giant announced a new Chrome OS running desktop model called as the Chromebase. This is the first Chrome based desktop from LG and the company claims that it comes with everything that a user likes about Chrome based devices.

According to LG, Chromebase has “everything a home computer needs to suit a modern lifestyle” and is as fast as the existing Chromebooks in the market.

Chromebase comes with a 21 inch screen which the company claims delivers accurate color reproduction, stunning contrast and wide viewing angles. So, watching movies on the wide screen should really be a great experience. The screen comes with an HDMI port and hence, users can connect it with a laptop too.

The Chromebox comes with a keyboard and mouse combo which is designed in a way to complement the overall design of the desktop. There’s a 1.3MP webcam included too, so making video calls shouldn’t be a problem. Further, the inbuilt 5 Watt speakers should be enough for watching moving and listening to music on the desktop.

The desktop runs on the latest version of Haswell processors, but other details about the internal configuration are still unclear. However, LG adds that the configuration is good enough to help users with their everyday activities.

Like all other Chrome based devices, this one too will rely heavily on Chrome apps for various activities. Most of the work will be done via cloud and there will be very less memory on the device to store data. But that’s something that the user will have to live with and won’t be a big problem if he or she has access to the internet 24 x 7. The user also has the option to carry a portable HDD, which does not cost much and will help him carry important documents and videos around without relying too much on cloud.

The device will hit the market on May 12 and will retail via a limited number of manufacturers including NewEgg. However, post May 26, Chromebase will be available throughout the country.

LG has made sure that Chromebase is priced competitively and anyone who wishes to get their hands on the new Chrome based desktop can do so by paying $350. With the purchase, the user will also get access to 100 GB of Drive storage.

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