LG Agrees to Pre-Load BBM on Some of Its Handsets

LG Agrees to Pre-Load BBM on Some of Its HandsetsLG Electronics has entered into an agreement to pre-load BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) on some of its smartphones. This would be the first time that the popular app is coming bundled into non-BlackBerry handsets, although a couple of months ago, the service has become downloadable in iOS and/or Android devices.

Based on the deal between the consumer electronics maker and BlackBerry Ltd, BBM would be pre-loaded in LG G Pro Lite. The new smartphone model is a 5.5-inch Android device that is set for release soon in markets like Latin America, China, Asia, Russia, the Middle East, and India. It was first unveiled by the company in October.

BBM would also arrive on most other LG smartphones, although not bundled. Users of those handsets could find and download the service as a standalone app from the LG App Manager. Another option to find and access the app would be to check out Google Play.

Pre-loaded BBM

In a statement, BlackBerry executive vice president for BBM Andrew Bocking said the company is pleased about LG’s decision to bring to its customers the popular messaging service through preloading it into the G Pro Lite when it released in key important markets. He also reiterated that as a phenomenon, BBM has been invoking enthusiasm among users.

For its part, LG released a statement saying that the BBM experience would be complemented by the new handset’s high-quality and large display as well as embedded Stylus Pen. Vice president of marketing for emerging markets Kevin Shin disclosed that BBM is currently widely used across the Middle East, Indonesia, and Africa.

BBM for iOS and Android

BlackBerry released its BBM service for iOS and Android with much funfare and controversy on October 21. That was because of the overwhelming anticipation and reception to it. Thus, it did not surprise many that over 10 million users worldwide downloaded BBM for iOS or Android within 24 hours following that launch.

The Canadian smartphone manufacturer has also promised that BBM on iOS and Android would soon ‘evolve.’ Some of the features that would soon be introduced include BBM Channels, BBM video calling, and BBM voice calling.

Despite the warm reception to the service, BlackBerry is perceived to be remaining on a relatively shaky ground. The company is still on the losing ground and is considering options, including selling itself to other investors or buyers.

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