Leopard Kills Man In India As Attacks Increase In Frequency

Leopards attacks in India continue to rise, resulting in injuries and deaths. Photo Credits: Flickr/derwebhirsch

Leopards are going wild in India. After a leopard killed a girl on December 22, the forest department installed cages to capture the big cat. They already caught the male leopard in Chiklabodi near Koka Wildlife Sanctuary but then refused to remove the rest of the cages.

And, on Sunday around 8:30 pm, villagers caught a baby leopard. But, the cub was not the real target. The cages had live goats in them to act as lures. The cub wandered into the cage, which was only 300 feet away from the area where they caught the male leopard. This recent capture of a leopard cub indicates that there are at least two leopards in the vicinity. As such, officials find it difficult making certain which leopard mauled and killed the girl.

Villagers demanded that they should also capture the mother and other cub as well. They feared that the missing cub would anger the mother, who would then cause trouble in the village, the Times of India noted. Veterinarian Gunwant Bhadke persuaded forest staff to let the cub go.

He determined that the cub was healthy and, to prevent further problems, they should reunite it with its mother. By 11:30pm, they let the cub go. They remained vigilant until 4am to make sure everything is in order. “On flashing torchlight, we realized that the mother and the other cub were close by. Hence, we released it immediately,” veterinarian Bhadke said. 

Experts on wildlife claim that leopards are not man-eaters. The girl who died must have been crouching, alerting the leopard. Had the girl been standing and upright, the leopard would never have mistaken it for a threat. Earlier this month, another leopard mauled a teenager in Dhiwarwada, which is near Koka. The boy was on his haunches when the leopard attacked.

Leopard Kills Man In West Bengal

Similarly, another leopard attacked a man as officials failed to capture it in West Bengal, CBS News reported. They tried to capture the big cat as it wandered into a residential area. The man’s companions brought him to a hospital where they are treating his wounds. Animal-human encounters are on the rise, as human settlements encroach more and more on the natural habitats of leopards. Unless officials find a more sustainable solution, then attacks could continue rising. See the video below.

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